What our Teachers say

Stesh Gcobo :

The joy of the Lord is my strength, I will forever love this project.

Monica Phumeza :

This course encourages learners and teachers to enjoy teaching and learning. It makes teaching and learning fun.

Maneli Nosiho:

I found that its easy, not difficult to use a mobile device to prepare a lesson. Everybody, that is the teachers and the learners, are working together!

Noziphiwo Twalo:

This course developed my creativity. I got lots of teaching strategies to use in my classroom. I wish it could continue to develop other schools and teachers as well.

Mandisa Soboyise:

The way we were taught about the strategies was the best! The course was very fun and excellent as I am able to use diffrent apps in my classroom.

Nokuzola Finy:

It taught me to share the information I have with my colleagues. It has also taught me that no man is an island, I have to connect. The 21st century skills came up tops in that I can transfer them to my learners.

Nolita Koyo:

It was very interesting and it gave me full potential of using the mobile device in my classroom, in the school and also in the community as a whole.

Thilantle Lamfiti:

This course was absolutely excellent for me. It helped me to know how to use technology information using my tablet.