Learning Briefs

The ICT4RED team has done a tremendous amount of learning in and around the integration of tablet technology into teaching and learning. Sometimes we actually have made enough time to stand still and to write some of this down.

The learning briefs give detail about some of the learning that has been done around what we have done and the way we have done it.

Here is a list of some of the topics available

Communication – Use of instant messaging as a communication tool
Knowledge sharing – Using Dropbox to manage knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing – Using Google calendar to manage knowledge sharing
Monitoring and Evaluation – Distinguishing kinds of success and planning M and E
Operations Management – How to select technology for rural ICT initiatives
Teacher Professional Development – The learn to earn model of teacher incentives
Teacher Professional Development – Building facilitator capacity
Teacher Professional Development – Badges as a micro-accreditation and incentive
Teacher Professional Development – Curriculum and Courseware construction
Community engagement – Timing of engaging the community
Research – How to manage scholarships for post-graduate students
Programme Management – 12 Component model and framework

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