12 Core Components

The ICT4RED Conceptual Framework has been built on the 12 Core Components that have been identified as being critical to the success of an ICT implementation in schools.



Purpose and Elements

Initiative management

Financial Management, Procurement Implementation management

School ICT Infrastructure

Devices, Wireless LAN, Storage and Power


WiFi Mesh, Satellite, Backbone connectivity, Internet

Change Management

People (District, School Management Teams), Technology Processes, teachers teaching innovatively. All part of the exit strategy for the schools and school district to take over the sustainability and future of this intervention.

Teacher Professional Development

Training teachers to use mobile devices to enhance their teaching and learning. They apply their trained knowledge as evidence in the classroom with their learners to earn their devices.


Standards, Conversion, Creation & Customisation

Operations Management

Logistics, Support & Maintenance Distribution


Marketing strategy, Social Media Strategy, Knowledge Management

Monitoring & Evaluation

Learners, Teachers, Schools

Evidence-Based Policy

Academic Research, Implementation guidelines, Policy guidelines

Community Engagement

Learners & Parents, Teachers, Community

Stakeholder Management

District/Circuit officials, Local Leadership, influential and decision-makers from the community, Provincial leadership.